This Victorian-style home is actually a fab new build – Homify Article

London team Des Ewing Residential Architects bring us our newest homify 360° discovery: a new-build replica home set in a conservation area. But this project’s background story is as interesting as the end results are striking…

The planning process to achieve permission for this scale of replacement dwelling extended over two years and required two planning applications, given its sensitive location. The planning authority is generally against new development on this main avenue, as it is located within a Conservation Area. This resulted in the professionals in charge having to demonstrate that their proposed replacement dwelling was of greater quality than the building it would replace.

This was achieved by having discussions, presenting 3D models to show the new building fitting into its setting, and by ensuring that they detailed the external brickwork to match neighbouring properties as closely as possible.

Scope out the breathtaking results below…

The front façade


The pretty-as-a-picture dwelling, in all its classic-style glory, flaunts quite a number of eye-catching touches, including the pitched roofing, warm-hued walls, the fabulously textured façade and some bay windows for extra charm.

And let’s not forget the delightful garden touches adding even more visual appeal to the house’s front side.

Freshness seeping indoors


Things take a more modern turn (style-wise, at least) on the inside, especially here in the kitchen that becomes visually one with the beautifully crafted garden, thanks to generous glass sliding doors blending the two areas.

Expert landscaping


And speaking of gardens, how dream-like is this exterior space with its plants, stone flooring, bench designs and host of other equally impressive touches? The ideal spot to host a fabulous get-together with friends, or just enjoy a spot of tea by yourself.

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Style that never snoozes4

We knew even from the outside that the rooms presenting those bay windows would be most charming indeed – and we are not disappointed at all by this bedroom! Flaunting a soft-grey colour palette, the bedroom’s charms are enhanced even further thanks to the abundance of plush fabrics adorning not only the bed, but also the window treatment!

Let’s enjoy a few more high-quality images, shall we?

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This article was featured on HOMIFY. Written by JOHANNES VAN GRAAN