The ultimate fun house for a family with 5 kids – Homify Article

For today’s homify 360° discovery, we want to shift our focus ever so slightly from adult-preferred style to child-friendly (and –favourite) designs. To find out exactly what we mean, you’ll just have to continue reading and scrolling…

London team Des Ewing Residential Architects deserve a world of praise for this 418 m² creation that has become home to a family with five young children. The house is designed to be practical, durable and fun, yet also brings more than its fair share when it comes to contemporary cuteness!

A clean design


Walking past this house (or seeing a photograph of it) provides no single clue as to the magic included in its design. Yes, from the outside we can definitely appreciate its clean lines, high ceilings and extensive aluminium-framed glazing facing the views of the sea.

We can also write heaps about its monochrome colour scheme, how its natural green slate roof tops the white rendered walls with an olive green base and how it reflects the roof colour.

But let’s get to the creative, child-friendly portion…

Downstairs in a jiffy


Even though teleportation devices don’t exist (yet), the designers of this house have developed another equally fast way to move the kiddies from their first-floor bedrooms straight to the kitchen table downstairs: this bespoke slide which definitely helps in ensuring everyone’s on time (and wearing great, big smiles) for school!

The kitchen



But seeing as this is homify, a certain amount of mature style is required, so let’s focus on the aforementioned kitchen for just a moment!

Flaunting sleek finishes, a linear design and a firm commitment to functionality, this two-in-one cooking- and dining space should be every modern-style lover’s dream design. And just check out the fabulous garden views and natural lighting seeping indoors.

But there’s more…



Right, back to the child-friendly designs that make this house one of our ultimate favourites! Although it can’t be seen here, a zip-wire through the wooded section of the garden continues the rapid transit theme (and is, of course, a bonus for keeping the kids entertained outdoors).

In addition, the zigzag, five-metre wide steps in the garden form a seated amphitheatre for the rear terrace, which also doubles as a basketball arena.

Shall we scope out a few more images of this house?

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This article was featured on HOMIFY. Written by JOHANNES VAN GRAAN