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How many of us dream of living by the sea? The direction of the wind conveyed seagulls, the sound of waves breaking on the shore, the golden sunsets over the sea … Just for lovers of such views that today we will bring you to the discovery of a coastal home, hidden in a fairytale landscape and It is the paradise for those who love the lifestyle nautical, in direct contact with the sea. This house has very spacious interiors and bright, which allow light and the blue sea to the wonderful setting, peering through the large windows. Are you curious? Then do not miss this gallery of fabulous pictures!

The project was designed by the architects Des Ewing Residential Architects.


The first thing that catches the eye when we look at the outside facade is the predominance of cubic and rectangular shapes that characterize the structure, but also balconies, glass balustrades, windows and roof overhangs.


Of course, also thedifferent materials used for the facade play an important role: the brick, glass, metal and wood contribute to the redefinition of the building aesthetics, as well as the use of neutral colors such as various shades of gray and white. However, we must not overlook the added factor provided by the presence of the  garden , perfectly maintained, surrounding the house.


As soon as dusk falls, the house deserves all our attention because of its exterior lighting system, carefully designed by our  experts , before whom also accompany the chandeliers, which launched from inside bright flashes outside, through large doors and windows.

exterior 3

Of course, even the interiors are not insignificant. We are convinced that you were stunned by the sight of this open space, which includes a dining area, living room and kitchen, all it characterized by very light colors, wooden floors and  furniture in Scandinavian style: the perfect choice for a view of the marina!

internal 1

What would you say to a perpetually marked by colors seen as the blue sea and green vegetation? We believe it is the dream of every waking up and have breakfast, then lunch and do all the daily activities with the eyes forward similar colors … What do you think?

This article was featured on HOMIFY. Written by CLAUDIA ADAMO.

Article originally written in Italian.