Luxury Property Show – London.

As it is coming up to the time of year were everyone is rushed of their feet, running around preparing for the Biggest time of the year…YES, dare we say it, CHRISTMAS is not far away! And you may have been unable to attend this years “Luxury Property Show” in London this year.

Do not worry. If you have a second to spare this evening take a look at our ever expanding, website!!! We have been busy improving and developing the “des ewing residential architects” website and many more beautiful luxury, Dream Homes have been uploaded for you all to see.

Simply click HERE, and explore at your own leisure!

Below are more images captured from “The Luxury Property Show” this year! Don’t miss out next year. Click HERE to keep to to date with up and coming events, and look for information on next years show. We love meeting new faces so please come along!

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Des Ewing – Brochure

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The Luxury Property Show – London

The 2014 Luxury Property Awards.

We hope that you came and said hello to us at the Luxury Property Shows in London last week. We were glad to  meet many new faces and it was great to have the opportunity to discuss new and exciting designs.

Despite the cold weather it was amazing to see so many of you attend and we really do appreciate you venturing out in the cold to come and visit us. If you were unable to attend this years event click on the image above to stay up to date with the next “The Luxury Property show” and any up and coming exciting events. We look forward to seeing you next year.

IMG_0591If you got chance to attended this years event you would have met Johnny Parks the head director of “Parkhood” the Landscape design company that collaborates with us on many of our Luxury property projects. Johnny and his team are exceptional landscape designers who strive to create bespoke, high-end luxury designs that amaze and meet the high expectations of every client and ourselves.

We are honoured to be able to work alongside “Parkhood”. They are a pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to collaborating even more in the future.

If you would like to find out more about Johnny Park and “Parkhood” click HERE to see all their amazing work.

IMG_2610If you would like to find out more about Des Ewing and his award winning practice click HERE and take a look at the many luxury “Dream Homes” we have created recently.

We have exciting new builds in London this year. Make sure you stay tuned in more information about new London Builds will be coming soon. WATCH THIS SPACE!