Holywood makeover

This 1950s detached property was well located in the popular village on Holywood on the coast just outside Belfast. The young couple loved the bright accomodation of the front rooms but the rear had utility type rooms which provided an unattractive elevation with no connection to the garden.

The most cost effective solution was to remove the small rear extension and to construct a contrasting modern box. The box contains a new master bedroom suite with new kitchen/living area to the ground. The kitchen connects through to the existing dining room which now become inform dining and is part of the kitchen space. From the kitchen it is possible to see to the front and into the rear garden as well as connecting into the hidden utility. Wide aluminium windows slide open onto the patio which has a cover area extending to the west to shade sun and provide shelter from summer rain.

Selfbuild & Improve Your Home.

One of our largest, luxurious, Award Winning and most elegant Dwellings has been featured in the Spring Issue of “Selfbuild & Improve Your Home” Magazine.

This idyllic property has breath taking sea views; The finest finishes; Slick architectural designs through out and to top it all off it is located just around the corner from Holywoods High street so a coffee and a famous Bay Tree Cinnamon Scone is never too far away. Finally it is just a 10 minute journey from Busy Belfast. A multiple Award Winning property that really does have the best of both worlds.

A Dream Home for anyone and we are so thrilled to have been a part of it. Get your copy today and read all about the concept behind the architecture, and how we we made this family home dream a reality.