The Coach House,Bed and Breakfast

Newly constructed in 2016 from re-claimed architectural materials, the Coach House was designed by award winning architect, Des Ewing. The design is based on an original Irish cart house from circa 1850 with arches of red brick and re-claimed stone walls. The granite exterior staircase leads our guests up to the entrance hallway with its exposed period wooden floors and luxury vintage grandeur. Each of our 2 bedrooms are individually decorated and designed in an eclectic style with fine period Edwardian furniture and all the comfort of a small luxury hotel but retaining an intimate homely feeling.

Schueco Glazing Enhances Views of Chichester Harbour

There are many people whose dream is to live in an energy-efficient, easy-to manage house that has been specially created to meet their individual needs. Since such home-owners will almost always engage an architect, the resultant houses are very often contemporary in design and make use of the most up-to-date building techniques and materials.

Entrance Elevation

This presents Schueco Residential Partners with a significant opportunity because the quality of Schueco systems makes them the natural choice for high-end, bespoke properties. Brightwater, a sleek, 4,000 sq ft, two-storey private house with a triple garage, overlooking Chichester Harbour, is an example of this type of project.

Designed by Des Ewing of Des Ewing Residential Architects and finished in soft white self-coloured render with contrasting dark stone cladding, Brightwater has a flat roof with extensive glazing which provides wonderful views of the harbour, enhanced by corner windows.

The overall effect of a home flooded with light and warmth is due in no small measure to the extensive use of a variety of Schueco systems that combine good looks with exceptional levels of insulation. In addition, whatever the type of system, all the profiles match perfectly together, delivering an important uniformity of design throughout the house.

The Schueco systems specified at Brightwater include FWS 50+ curtain walling (Ug value: 1.1 W/m2K), AWS 70.HI windows (Uw value: 1.3 W/m2K), an AWS/ADS 70.HI hinged door (Uw value: 1.6 Wm2K) and most significantly, several sets of ASS 70.HI lift-and-slide doors with slimline central interlock (Uw value: 1.5 Wm2k).

Lift-and-slide Schueco doors

These doors, which provide access to the patios and all the balconies on the first floor, have stylish Schueco stainless steel door furniture and an ultra-low threshold of just 25 mm so that the danger of tripping is virtually eliminated.

Des Ewing is unequivocal about his practice’s preference for using Schueco products: ‘We always specify Schueco systems as we know that clients will like their appearance and their ease of operation. We also know from experience of around twenty recent installations that they will prove extremely reliable over the years to come.’

Brightwater has been designed so that the extensive kitchen, living room and dining area all enjoy harbour views, while the snug and the study face inland. The first floor – which benefits from light streaming in through the Schueco window and door systems – has a master suite with two bathrooms and a large dressing space; the three remaining bedrooms are equipped with dressing rooms and en-suite facilities.

A Schueco AWS 70 double-height feature window in the hallway allows the morning light to penetrate deep into the building’s interior and, at dusk, lights up the circular glass-sided staircase in the hall. The latter is the focal point of the house and all the rooms lead from it.

The excellent thermal performance of the Schueco systems means that despite the large areas of glazing, overall energy consumption in the house remains very low, delivering important environmental benefits and economical energy bills.

All the Schueco systems in Brightwater were fabricated and installed by Croydon-based DG Glass Designs, a highly experienced and expanding aluminium and glass specialist that is active on projects across London and the South-East.

This 10,000 sq ft British home is as epic as you’d expect – Homify Article

This luxurious 10,000 sq ft beauty is located in a much sought-after ‘Area of Townscape Character’. It stands comfortably in a site of half an acre with expertly landscaped gardens that respect the enforced Tree Preservation Order on the site.

Sound good? Then let’s start exploring!

A dream design


Through cast-iron gates, we enter the property on which this dream creation is built. This bespoke home was designed with a formal, elegant yet simple entrance block, with a glazed sunroom to one side and a stone block to the other, looking like a converted coach house.

The sunroom offers views to all aspects of the gardens while still ensuring adequate privacy for the family. The neat smooth render is complemented by the fine painted hardwood windows and restrained granite sills.

A most amazing entryway


As far as first impressions go, this entryway definitely took our breaths away…

The finely detailed curved stair to one side of this impressive hall appears to just float in this space and is definitely calling out to be climbed.  The formal rooms are positioned to flank the entrance, with the main living- and dining areas of modern living catered for and enjoyed towards the rear of the property.

Bright and brilliant


The upper floors, which are also bright and airy, provide voluminous bedrooms, en-suites and generous storage space. And thanks to ingenious planning and fabulous designs, each and every room you enter provides an incredibly bright and delicately rich style.

First-class views


The main living- and dining areas overlook and open onto textured stone terraces, some offering shelter with lightly detailed glazed embellished steel structures. Allowing this visual link between the indoors and spacious outside definitely aids in allowing the interior areas of the house to feel even grander – not that it needs to, obviously.

Let’s have a look at few more images of this delightful design.



This article was featured on HOMIFY. Written by JOHANNES VAN GRAAN

This British country home is what dreams are made of – Homify Article

The structure we’ll be checking out? A most elegant family home that combines a formal exterior with a more contemporary free-flowing interior, built on a restricted site. For many, the word classical is synonymous with Georgian design, yet the experts in charge wanted to get away from a traditional Georgian style on this site. In fact, the results are closer to that of the Italian master Palladio than to anything British.

Garden touches


We all know the importance of first impressions, which is why professional landscape architect, Beth Moore, implemented a scheme to soften the impact of the house on what is actually a relatively small plot.

At the front is a formal garden, planted with herbs and agapanthus, and hedging is being established to soften the boundary lines. The two mature trees on site have been retained and the semi-walled garden to the rear has climbers trained up it.

A glowing vision


The house’s unique design has been made so that there is very little circulation space; in fact, there are no long corridors anywhere, resulting in the usable living- and accommodation spaces being made the most of.

Here we get to stare in wonder at the circular atrium lit from above which forms central circulation space and lights up all three floors of this Italian-inspired mansion.

A visual break



The sloping site is reflected within the house by incorporating dramatic steps between rooms. In the kitchen area, these steps are used to create a visual break between the interlinked spaces such as cooking, dining, living etc.

Interior style


Although the structure itself flaunts a classic, elegant look, the furniture and décor pieces within the house speak of varied design styles, especially the open-plan kitchen and dining area, where country, classic and modern pieces can be glimpsed. And let’s not forget the delicate dose of colours and patterns which inject some striking character into the interiors!

Let’s scope out a few more images, shall we?


5 6


This article was featured on HOMIFY. Written by JOHANNES VAN GRAAN

The ultimate fun house for a family with 5 kids – Homify Article

For today’s homify 360° discovery, we want to shift our focus ever so slightly from adult-preferred style to child-friendly (and –favourite) designs. To find out exactly what we mean, you’ll just have to continue reading and scrolling…

London team Des Ewing Residential Architects deserve a world of praise for this 418 m² creation that has become home to a family with five young children. The house is designed to be practical, durable and fun, yet also brings more than its fair share when it comes to contemporary cuteness!

A clean design


Walking past this house (or seeing a photograph of it) provides no single clue as to the magic included in its design. Yes, from the outside we can definitely appreciate its clean lines, high ceilings and extensive aluminium-framed glazing facing the views of the sea.

We can also write heaps about its monochrome colour scheme, how its natural green slate roof tops the white rendered walls with an olive green base and how it reflects the roof colour.

But let’s get to the creative, child-friendly portion…

Downstairs in a jiffy


Even though teleportation devices don’t exist (yet), the designers of this house have developed another equally fast way to move the kiddies from their first-floor bedrooms straight to the kitchen table downstairs: this bespoke slide which definitely helps in ensuring everyone’s on time (and wearing great, big smiles) for school!

The kitchen



But seeing as this is homify, a certain amount of mature style is required, so let’s focus on the aforementioned kitchen for just a moment!

Flaunting sleek finishes, a linear design and a firm commitment to functionality, this two-in-one cooking- and dining space should be every modern-style lover’s dream design. And just check out the fabulous garden views and natural lighting seeping indoors.

But there’s more…



Right, back to the child-friendly designs that make this house one of our ultimate favourites! Although it can’t be seen here, a zip-wire through the wooded section of the garden continues the rapid transit theme (and is, of course, a bonus for keeping the kids entertained outdoors).

In addition, the zigzag, five-metre wide steps in the garden form a seated amphitheatre for the rear terrace, which also doubles as a basketball arena.

Shall we scope out a few more images of this house?

5 6 7

This article was featured on HOMIFY. Written by JOHANNES VAN GRAAN